Top tips for marketing to military and defence companies

Are you an aerospace marketer or recently started marketing in the aerospace and defence industry? Are you wondering how your new target audience will react to the demand generation strategies and tactics you successfully implemented in other industries? Will aerospace and defense industry email marketing even work?

We've prepared a guide to help you out! Continue reading for our top 7 tips to take into consideration when marketing in this intricate industry. 

tip 1/

You might be familiar with the Business to Government (B2G) internal circle of influence. This circle explains who is influencing a purchasing decision for a deal sold to a government entity. 

business to government (B2G) internal circle of influence

Who are the decision-makers, influencers and informants when it comes to the purchase of a solution by the government?

  • Decision maker: the ranking officer in the part of the agency that is most directly impacted by a purchasing decision. ​

  • Influencers: end-users and people directly affected by the decision, including consultants.

  • Informants: people who have a broad influence on a decision (journalists, community, government officials, administrative staff), people that the other two categories are held accountable to. 

Get back to this circle every time you are struggling to understand how something works in terms of marketing. We find that the internal circle of influence is often applicable to B2B as well when it comes to aerospace and defence primes. 

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The defence industry is going through a transformation. Take into consideration opportunities and risks stemming from customers' and suppliers' mergers and acquisitions when developing strategies. 

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Targetting based on job title and organisation - which is often used for digital marketing campaigns - is very difficult. Focus on inbound marketing and content that your target audience is interested instead. 

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When it comes to outbound marketing, be softer in your demand generation campaigns. Take them halfway and let them decide whether they want to walk the rest. This will get you greater engagement rates and higher quality leads. 

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When participating in a tradeshow, focus on a pre-event campaign. We know how busy it is to prepare for a tradeshow but a campaign will be critical for your stand traffic especially if you want to attract decision-makers and their influencers. During the tradeshow, you are competing for their time and attention with hundreds of exhibitors. 

tip 6/

When booking advertising in print or digital defence media, do a careful audit of the publisher's metrics, readership and any grand statements. We'd suggest asking for reports if available and discuss with any industry peers about their experiences. 

tip 7/

Think outside the box when evaluating your marketing analytics. Marketing tracking - which is essential for your demand generation campaigns - will be more complicated when it comes to targeting military or defence professionals. You are likely to get a high volume of unspecified traffic that you won't be able to track back to channels. 

Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. We swear by this phrase when it comes to marketing in the defense industry. Follow these tips and we promise you, your job will be easier.